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Retro Collage

I love the experience of gaming. Becoming engrossed in the story and gameplay of a game is something I can’t put a value on. It goes for all media, really. Film, television, literature, comics – you can allow yourself to become completely immersed in any of these. Before you know it, you consider yourself a […]

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This is something that has been making the Internet rounds over the last few weeks and I decided it was too amazing not to share with our readers. These images have had quite an impact on me. Each one basically depicts one of the turtles in emotional turmoil after losing his 3 siblings. I grew […]

By Evan Doiron On 18 Jul, 2013 At 03:44 PM | Categorized As Quickies | With 10 Comments

Just wanted to write up a quick post to say that episode 4 of Mega Man X2 went live yesterday! Nick and Evan spend a lot of time collecting the power ups and secrets they missed on their first time through the stages. Many deaths are recorded….most of them while Nick is playing. Just saying. […]

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Once again, Nick and Evan take control of X in the hopes of saving the world. Will they pull it off once again, or fail miserably? Tune in and find out.

By Evan Doiron On 19 Jun, 2013 At 12:23 PM | Categorized As Quickies | With No Comments

Howdy, everyone. It’s once again Wednesday, which means the latest episode of Gaming Uphill. This week, we’re bringing you part 4 of our EarthBound run. Nick has the D-pad again this week, and we start our trek to save Paula, whom I believe we named Penny. Hope you all enjoy!