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Broken Controller

Videogames are REALLY fun! …Except for when they’re not, like when these irritating mechanics rear their antiquated heads.

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A new NX patent has hit the internet and has been the source of much speculation, leading to many theories as to what sort of console the NX is going to be. It points to it having┬ámore of cluster architecture, and many good sources have been working that angle very well. It just makes sense. […]

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The holiday gaming season is upon us and the selection can be a little daunting. In light of that, I’ve put together this handy Holiday score card to help you navigate the choices.

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Sony has eclipsed another impressive sales milestone on the PS4’s path to 8th gen dominance.

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Stay Awhile and Listen

As a music loving, old school gaming lover of Japanese RPGs, it’s difficult to find something quite as unique and satisfying as The World is Square. Their folksy takes on this collection of JRPG tunes are at once relaxing and immensely nostalgic, lending themselves to plenty of gaming memories from my youth. On that point […]