PS4 Worldwide Sales Pass 30 Million

By Nick DeLong On 27 Nov, 2015 At 01:34 AM | Mission: Main Featured, News | With 0 Comment


Sony has announced that the PS4 has zoomed past the 30 million sold milestone. Currently, around 30.2 million units have been sold, making the PS4 the clear leader in the 8th generation console race.┬áBeing available in 124 countries and regions worldwide certainly isn’t hurting its case, but the PS4 is winning due to its day one focus on gamers, clear marketing, and powerful hardware.

With this latest sales victory, Playstation 4 is still outpacing the PS2, which went on to become the highest selling home console of all time. If Sony can maintain these rapid sales figures, PS4 just might break through the 175 million sold landmark by the time the console ends its run. The inevitable mid-cycle price drop (likely next holiday season) will undoubtedly generate another massive sales surge as well, so I’d not be surprised to see it hit 50 million+ in 2016.

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