Speculation Time: New NX Patent

By Nick DeLong On 10 Dec, 2015 At 05:44 PM | Mission: Features, Main Featured | With 0 Comment


A new NX patent has hit the internet and has been the source of much speculation, leading to many theories as to what sort of console the NX is going to be. It points to it having more of cluster architecture, and many good sources have been working that angle very well. It just makes sense.

However, from my point of view, I think they’re looking past the most obvious conclusion, and the one that I’m going to be running with here. Keep in mind that it is ALL speculation and does not come from any sources or confirmed information.

First, the main patent image for you to chew on:

Nx Patent

The most interesting piece of that is obviously the “supplemental computing device” that has its own processors, memory, and network capabilities. This little nugget is what is leading people to believe that the NX is going to behave in such a way that it gains additional power by having multiple devices connected to it. From that diagram, it looks like the additional device is plugged in, but the patent itself makes it clear that wireless connections are indeed possible and likely preferred.

With that in mind, I’d like to suggest that this supplemental device is indeed a new handheld console, or handheld NX companion. It would make sense to me, and has been a believable, sensible rumor for long enough that this, in my eyes, essentially confirms.

The Wii U itself is built around semi-wireless capabilities through its gamepad, but that device is basically just a controller with streaming capabilities and a screen. This new device is clearly its own product that can simply be added to the NX, which again just lends credence to the thought that we’re also looking at the next console in Nintendo’s handheld line.


Nintendo HAS recently consolidated its handheld and console development resources and their handheld line is arguably overdue for a new console cycle, so that fits into this idea as well.

Looking at it that way, I genuinely believe that this new patent confirms those old reports. The Nintendo NX isn’t just a home console, but a handheld and console hybrid that will allow you to take at least some version of your NX games on the go with you.

Will the handheld portion have its media slot? Will it have its own games? Will they just be stripped down versions of your NX games, or just as powerful? Time will tell, but I think I’m on to something here. Well, the INTERNET is on to something, but I’m not above taking credit for it .

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